Our powerful Management Suite, combines mobile app location data with integrated Google maps.

GPS & Vehicle Tracking System Launched

Thursday 20 March, 2014

Rather than integrating a third party GPS solution with framework limitations, we consulted clients and designed a tailored system with the ability to track grounds maintenance and recycling shifts, to assist in the audit process and help manage the fleet. From early discussions with clients, it became apparent that utilising systems such as geofencing for sites, set against the geolocation, was not enough and proved problematic. In some cases, geofencing prevents site audit initiation, due to unreliable GPS location data not matching expected coordinates.

We investigated numerous methods and developed a solid GPS tracking solution. Various enhancements have lead to a near real-time embedded module within our powerful Management Suite, combining mobile app location data with integrated Google maps.

Cumulative shift location and route data, as well as location tagged audit completion,  provides essential evidence for a variety of business improvement initiatives. For example, analysis of data will lead to adoption of more efficient routes.

One of the less obvious benefits occurred in the first few weeks after going live. A driver was involved in a minor traffic accident whilst en route to a site. What the data was able demonstrate, was the speed, time and the direction the vehicle was travelling. This provided the client some piece of mind, showing that the driver had kept within the speed limit and was on schedule to the next visit, therefore demonstrating a duty of care and record in case of any actions relating to the collision.

We are currently developing a reliable geofencing upgrade designed to work alongside GPS tracking to provide an extra level of auditing evidence.

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