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The Inflowgenics Grounds Maintenance Management System provides powerful productivity tools to facilitate efficient management of staff rotas and service delivery across multi-site portfolios.

Offering a high level of customisation allows for task specific tools to be developed and delivered to field based operatives, minimising input and administration processes, maximising service delivery.

The grounds maintenance software has been designed to offer functionality for service delivery throughout the year covering the main and ancillary services for both planned and reactive maintenance.

Manage Client Portfolios

  • Effective management
  • Targeted communication
  • Time saving

You will be able to establish each client with your chosen contacts and link them to their given site portfolio. This will help you manage work scheduling, routes and therefore efficiently manage your fleet.

Assigning alerts to job roles will ensure targeted communications are delivered to the right teams concise and timely way.

Attendance records are sent to the right person, at the right time and chosen by you so you can effectively control your Management Information distribution.

Data Management

  • Visual reporting
  • Multiple filtered data views

The Grounds Maintenance Management Suite include a comprehensive dashboard reporting tool. Key metrics from the site visits are collated and displayed graphically. Data filtering is available across the system to provide customers instant access to specific selections for analysis.

The Inflowgenics web based Grounds Maintenance Management Suite offers a consistent, easy to use platform covering all aspects of the operation from customer creation to invoicing.

Vehicle Tracking

  • Robust mobile track data
  • View routes via Google Maps
  • Communicate with operatives and clients

The instant messaging function offers a concise method to keep in contact with individual or groups of operatives and customer contacts, allowing two way communication, with the responses and subsequent communications are grouped together.

Each grounds maintenance shift can be monitored with up to the minute positional data fed from the operative devices to the management suite. The tracking facility uses integrated Google maps to give a detailed display of the site visits enabling increased traceability.

With up to the minute visibility and communication backed with detailed track and trace features, your operation is more cost effective with higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Fieldwork App Tools

  • Easy to use
  • Structured consistent approach
  • Cover compulsory actions
  • Consolidated images and data

Mobilise your field workforce with the Fieldwork App which robustly synchronises with the central management suite, whilst providing data integrity you can reply on. The App provides real time information to further enhance fleet management capabilities.

The App features in system workforce communication that targets SMS communications to specific work groups in an easy to use system, allowing you to control the broadcast of messages to specific teams, providing you with an additional level of fleet control. 

Photo capture functionality combined with the audit of works and sign off processes help you collate all the information you need to confirm the completion of work, weather conditions and any specific incidents which may affect the delivery of services. The compulsory Health and Safety section, adds levels of reassurance for both you and your clients.

Rapid Data Flow

  • Near real time
  • Flexible

For each shift, sites and customers are intuitively matched to vehicles and operatives. The process is flexible to allow rapid allocation based on manageable templates and even straightforward reallocation functionality due to circumstantial changes. Easy deployment to mobile devices means that the workforce can work effectively and achieve higher utilisation.

Inflowgenics Grounds Maintenance Mobile Application delivers near real-time data transfer to the management suite. This allows the tracking of audits throughout the period of operation.

Customer Documents

  • Create invoices
  • Remove the need to paper based forms

Site audits are automatically collated and are available to be sent to the customer manually or automatically.

Once the shift is completed the operational data seamlessly feeds through to the invoice function, where invoices can be produced from the selection of sites and customers, the invoices are then emailed to customers.

“Inflowgenics’ systems have revolutionised our legacy paper based rota scheduling – saving hours and hours of time each day.”

Company Director, London

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