Grounds Maintenance Software & Mobile App Version 3

Grounds Maintenance Software & Mobile App Version 3 Launched

Thursday 28 January, 2021

We are excited to release Inflowgenics’ most extensive set of system enhancements in Version 3.0 of our Grounds Maintenance Software, including a full rewrite of the accompanying Grounds Maintenance App.

2020 has provided our developers and software engineers with the time to engage with our clients and find out what their managers and teams would find most beneficial to grounds maintenance service delivery.

We asked our clients:

  • What features would you most like to see in the new version?
  • How has COVID-19 affected your grounds maintenance service delivery?
  • Have Inflowgenics systems helped with social distancing rules?
  • How do your clients react to your grounds maintenance auditing and reporting?
  • What new features would you like to see in the grounds maintenance reporting app?

New Grounds Maintenance Task Designer

The new task designer provides tools to build and manage unique grounds maintenance tasks   system wide. Tasks can be designed as templates for use across sites and portfolios. Functionality provides reporting and auditing features as well as one off task design for granular reporting.

Task Focused Service Delivery

New task management tools enhance the scheduling of grounds maintenance tasks. Simply set up sites and tasks once, knowing that all future visits will sync to staff devices automatically.

The Tools to Build Quoting Templates

Once the task management development was complete, our software engineers set their sights on providing Task Designer functionality to build Site Survey Tools. An important feature on our clients’ wish list was the desire to make site auditing and quoting easier. They wanted tools to use the grounds maintenance app to survey sites prior to tendering.

The new Task Designer tools provide the functionality for clients to create and fine tune their own quoting templates.

Grounds Maintenance App Redevelopment

Out with the old and in with the new, instead of developing the new functionality into our existing grounds maintenance app, we felt our customers would prefer a complete rework.

Redeveloping the app from the ground up has increased speed and efficiency as well as making room for the new task based features and reporting.

COVID Ready Remote Working

Our grounds maintenance software remains cloud based and cross platform compatible, making it instantly pandemic ready. Remote workers can use their own devices from home or in the field.

Proud to be Developed in the UK

With competition from across the globe, our software engineers are UK based and employed by Inflowgenics. We don’t outsource development, ensuring that quality, security, service and support are second to none.

Not only are our offices and staff UK based, so are our cloud servers. All your data is UK based, ensuring GDPR rules and data protection is covered.

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