Our powerful Management Suite, combines mobile app location data with integrated Google maps.

GPS & Vehicle Tracking System Upgraded for Enhanced Fleet Management

Tuesday 20 September, 2022

In 2014, Inflowgenics launched its cutting-edge GPS and vehicle tracking system, revolutionising Grounds Maintenance field based team management for clients. Since then, we have constantly evolved and upgraded our solution to meet the ever-changing needs of GM businesses. By closely collaborating with our clients and addressing their feedback, we have developed a tailored system that goes beyond traditional GPS integration, providing comprehensive tracking capabilities for grounds maintenance, recycling shifts, and more.

Recognising the limitations of relying solely on geofencing for site tracking, we embarked on an extensive research and development process to design a robust GPS tracking solution. Our goal was to create a near real-time embedded module within our powerful Management Suite, capable of combining precise mobile app location data with integrated Google maps.

The cumulative shift location and route data, along with location-tagged audit completion, now offer invaluable evidence for various business improvement initiatives. By analysing this data, organisations can identify opportunities for optimising routes and enhancing operational efficiency.

An unexpected benefit of our GPS tracking system emerged shortly after its implementation. During the initial weeks, one of our clients' drivers was involved in a minor traffic accident while en route to a site. Fortunately, the data provided by our tracking system allowed us to reconstruct the incident, showcasing the vehicle's speed, time, and direction of travel. This information reassured the client that their driver had adhered to the speed limit and maintained a timely schedule, demonstrating a duty of care. Additionally, it provided a crucial record in case of any actions relating to the collision.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are currently in the process of developing a reliable geofencing upgrade. This upgrade will complement our GPS tracking system, offering an extra level of auditing evidence for our clients. By integrating geofencing technology alongside GPS tracking, we aim to provide even greater accuracy and reliability in site monitoring and compliance.

At Inflowgenics, we remain dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that empower businesses to efficiently manage their fleets. Our GPS and vehicle tracking system, now enhanced with advanced features, continues to play a pivotal role in improving operational efficiency, ensuring compliance, and offering peace of mind to our valued clients.

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