Using Grounds Maintenance Scheduling Software in Spring

Using Grounds Maintenance Scheduling Software in Spring

Tuesday 25 April, 2023

It feels like it is taking an eternity for spring to warm up this year. However, grounds maintenance companies still need to prepare team rotas for the changes in weather and growing conditions. Utilising intelligent grounds maintenance scheduling software makes the whole task that much easier.

March and April are important months to ensure that landscapes are ready to come back to life after the colder months. Here are some essential tasks that a ground maintenance company should be doing in March and April.

Clean Up Debris

Due to winter storms and strong winds, there may be debris and clutter scattered across your client’s property, including fallen branches, leaves and rubbish. A ground maintenance company should prioritise and schedule cleaning up these items as soon as possible to avoid any potential hazards. A clean and tidy landscape also provides a great first impression for clients and customers.

Scheduling Clean Up Tasks Utilising Software

Scheduling this process can involve a one off task, a repeat task or a multi-day task. Dedicated software can be set up to split the task between teams, or even break it down into individual processes. For instance, one team could be scheduled to pick rubbish and another to remove fallen branches.

Fertilise Lawns

As the weather warms up, grass will grow more vigorously, and it is crucial to apply fertiliser to your client’s lawns to help them grow efficiently. Applying the right type of fertiliser and nutrients ensures that the grass gets the vital elements it needs to become healthy and green. A ground maintenance company should determine the appropriate fertiliser for each customer’s lawn and apply it accordingly.

Grounds Maintenance Software for Lawn Care

The complete year-round lawn and grass maintenance programme should be scheduled effectively using Grounds Maintenance Software. The software can track the different processes and the amount of, for instance, fertiliser used. This will not only ensure that customers’ lawns are in tip top condition, your company will also be able to bill for all materials and time accrued, increasing profits.

Prune Shrubs

March and April are ideal months to trim and prune shrubs. Trimming encourages new growth, improves the overall appearance of the landscape, and stops the growth of unsightly branches. Shrubs that have not been pruned for a while may require extensive work to restore their shape, which is an excellent opportunity to offer clients fall pruning services.

Utilising dedicated software provides a number of benefits when pruning shrubs and trees. Tasks can be scheduled specifically to your arboricultural team. Individual trees and shrubs can have their own task with photos of how the shrubs should look after pruning. Quantities of cuttings can be recorded as well as photos of the completed task. The software can even record the time spent on the task.

Inspect Irrigation and Drainage Systems

The change in temperature from winter to spring means a shift in irrigation and drainage needs. April this year (2023) has been particularly wet, it is important to inspect your client’s irrigation and drainage systems to ensure that they are not damaged and function correctly. Inspecting the system eliminates the risk of leaks, clogging, and other problems that can cause severe damage to the landscape. Winter frost may have damaged drainage systems. Grounds maintenance software can be used to schedule ad hoc works to rectify defective and damaged drainage systems.

Scheduling Ad Hoc Tasks with Software

In summary, March and April are critical months for ground maintenance companies. By preparing the landscape for the warmer months ahead, a company can create a safe, healthy, and attractive environment for their clients. With the right maintenance activities in place, business owners can make sure that their property will remain healthy and thrive throughout the year.

Employing a grounds maintenance company that uses dedicated grounds maintenance scheduling software is a must. As a client, you will receive regular reports of an effective programme of works. And, as a grounds maintenance company your teams will be managed to the minute, their locations tracked and all materials accounted for, increasing profits.

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